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why here

Cornwall is such an intense landscape where the rich colours of wild flowers shine with a special light. We also have a proud tradition of flower growing with our mild climate, giving us the earliest show of spring and summer flowers.

I am a keen flower grower and, wherever possible make use of my own harvest. But this is never enough! I also connect into an amazing network of Cornish growers from our longstanding wholesale growers, down to local people filling their allotments with colour. I aim to use this site to promote their talents and skills and showcase local flower growing.

why me

gorse&thorn is a true labour of love. I shelved many of my early artistic projects during a long career sitting at a desk. But as my kids flew the nest, a love of flowers, the garden and the landscape where I live re-captured my creative imagination and set me on the path of floristry. Flowers are my passion.

why now

There is a resurgence in growers offering local flowers. More and more people are opting for natural and sustainably grown blooms. This is fantastic news for British flowers. But what about the florists? Like so many technical crafts, we are in danger of losing their skills. Using a professionally-trained florist brings the true beauty of flowers to life.